Sunday, October 25, 2009

Secure road transport

Covering the owner of the goods during shipment against loss or damage during transportation as a result of threats to the ordinary postal route only, and provides the following additional optional coverages:

Cover theft, embezzlement, non-delivery may be freight land transport routes adopted.

Comprehensive insurance for transport inland

Covers the owner of the goods during shipment against loss or impairment of physical goods shipped resulting from any external cause (including theft) through the transfer of goods on a secure road adopted.

Marine Insurance

Covers the cargo against loss or damage during transport from the source to the destination freight named in the insurance policy. It can transport methods are supported transport by sea or by air or by land or all of these tools combined. Be coverage against all risks or against certain risks under the terms of the London School of insurance chosen by the insured.

Insurance for certain periods

• The weight posed by the need for insurance on each shipment separately (as is the case in the flight insurance) leaves the insured without the protection in some cases, owing to delays in communication with suppliers, especially for a company that is hundreds of shipping operations in a single month or all year round. The annual insurance documentation or durations Mahddbhl those problems so that the insurance is in force against the dangers agreed for the duration of insurance (for one year, more often than not). And the insured can access coverage in the conventions open and the announcement of the cargo in the form that suits him, and according to what is agreed upon in advance. "

• issued insurance policies are usually specified periods of trucking which the insured pays an initial premium is calculated on the basis of the number of shipments required by the insurer, insurance during the year while remaining open sea shipments. Do not have to pay any premium paid in cases of shipping Oz.

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