Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The impact of container shipping system for global trade

Brought about a revolution in the world of container cargo, freight systems and changed the world, and today is the transfer of 90% of cargo containers that stacked on the surface of the giant oil tankers, with a number of shipments that are shipped all over the world at 200 million containers annually

Contributed to consolidation of measuring containers in the world to change the measurements of ships, cars and carriages to suit the sizes and capacities of containers along the 20 and 40 feet

-->== The largest companies in the world of container transport == largest container shipping companies in the world is Maersk Sealand Maersk-Sealand famous among us has not seen a truck carrying a container or more than the emblem of Maersk. There are also other large companies, including: Hanjin Hanjin Chinese. The French Navigational Line (CMA CGM) owned by Lebanese businessman Jacques and His Excellency, the third largest container shipping company in the world (after the giants Maersk and MSC) and the tanker appears in the picture, and it is worth mentioning that this company has a giant container vessel capacity 14,000 international shipping unit. As well as the giant Japanese shipping line k line there are also companies known worldwide (especially in the scope of trade in Southeast Asia) giants APL and PIL and two stands for AMERICAN PRESEDENTIAL LINES and PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL LINE There are other shipping lines operating in the Mediterranean region and Western Europe, such as MOL and there is also a line YANGMING and shipping activities, which is North America, where his lines from the ports of the United States and to the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia.

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